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But Where Do You Put a Cat Litter Box in an RV?

The Rig, the Road and the RV Life By April 25, 2021 Tags: , , , 4 Comments

Cats make great travel companions because, compared to a dog, they are quite low maintenance. But, one of the hardest aspects of traveling with a cat is dealing with the litter box. I love the litter system I use which I discovered just before hitting the road in 2017. Once you’ve found a system you […]


Showering in an RV Campground Bathhouse: Tips and Tricks

Hacks and How-Tos By August 27, 2018 Tags: , , , , 9 Comments

Recently, three readers reached out requesting follow-up information on three past posts. Today is a good day for the first one. In the next few months, I will do a follow-up post on my decision to go with the twin bed layout in my trailer, the single hardest decision when it came to building my […]


6 Tips for Taking an RV Shower

The Rig, the Road and the RV Life By July 16, 2018 Tags: , , , , 12 Comments

Even before I got my trailer and hit the road, I had the idea that I would write posts comparing facets of sticks-and-bricks life to RV life. But then I realized there wasn’t much point in writing about the sticks-and-bricks side of things when everyone already knows it. You know how to do laundry in […]


Big Dog, Small Tub: Bathing Solstice in an RV Shower

This and That By February 5, 2018 Tags: , , , 2 Comments

There are a million things to worry about when going from a sticks-and-bricks life to an RV life. This is especially true when you have no previous experience with RVs. From the very beginning—all the way back to my research phase—one of those million things I was obsessed with was the logistics of bathing my […]