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What I’ll Miss About a Sticks-and-Bricks Life

Downsizing By June 1, 2020 Tags: , , , 8 Comments

This post was originally written while I was still living the sticks-and-bricks life, six months before I embarked on the full-time RV life journey. I thought it might be fun to revisit the post to discover if there was any truth to what I imagined. Since I want to address each one, I haven’t made […]


Writing Conference Programs

Downsizing By August 14, 2017 Tags: , , , , , 4 Comments

I have so thoroughly emerged myself in RV life and the idea of becoming a full-time traveler that sometimes I have to pause to remember that full-time RVing was a solution to a situation I was trying to change. It wasn’t the situation itself I desired. Looking to carve out more hours in the day […]