I love RV gadgets and hacks. I especially love easy DIY RV projects. These articles include many RV gadgets I use and RV hacks I’ve done on my own RV. But, not to be limited to what works for Quill (my trailer), some articles also include gadgets and hacks I’ve learned about from other RVers.

I hope you find useful ideas for your rig among these. If you have ideas for other RV gadgets and hacks I should explore, please reach out to me and share your ideas. I am always on the lookout for ideas for future posts.

General Hacks

Specific Hacks & How-Tos

Cheap Gadgets & Items for Outside

Three clear plastic pantry baskets with handles, filled with cans. They are sitting on a shelf in an RV.
Pantry baskets are great for organizing cans and a gadget well under $10.

Ideas and Items for Inside the RV

Gift Guides for RVers

Close up of a water source at a campground with a hose hooked up to it, including a water pressure regulator.
Water pressure regulator. Small, inexpensive and a super important RV gadget.