Some of my most visited posts are about my Oliver Travel Trailer. I find visitors are prospective new buyers looking to learn about the trailer. Additionally, those who own an Oliver trailer visit to find articles regarding maintenance, gadgets, hacks, etc. As noted below, the posts listed under maintenance are specific to this trailer. For more maintenance posts as well as gadgets and hacks posts, go to the RV Life Resources page.

Each year, Oliver makes changes and/or updates to the newest model trailer. So, it’s important to know that mine is a 2017 Elite II.

Full Tour of Quill, My Trailer

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Maintenance (Olive Trailer Specific*)

*For a complete list of all maintenance project guides, hacks and gadgets, visits the RV Life Resources pages.

Composting Toilet

Decision-Making Process to Purchase the Oliver

White van pulled a white trailer (Oliver Travel Trailer). Parked on dirt with trees behind with clouds against a blue sky.
Visiting an Iowa winery.