If you look carefully on this miles and maps page, notice that I seem to have two main anchor points that I visit annually. Sometimes more than once. That is Hohenwald, Tennessee where the Oliver factory is for maintenance on Quill. And Laramie, Wyoming, where I’m from. I try to visit my dad at least once a year.

For reference, the pins are color coded. Blue is a campground or RV park. Purple means I stayed for free such as moochdocking, Walmart parking lot or rest stop. Red are also free but those represent overnights at Harvest Hosts locations (if you don’t know about Harvest Hosts, click to read more). Finally, green pins represent workamping or volunteering where my stay is free in exchange for my time.

2020: The Year of Non-Travel

Total Miles: 4,580

A map of US with pins.

2019: From Volunteering to Balloons

Total Miles: 8,867

2018: I Made a Circle

Total Miles: 11,957

Map of US with pins.

In 2018, I didn’t write a year-end post to sum up my travels. However, I wrote a post in 2018 titled Things I Learned Driving My First 11,000 Miles.

I was so excited about all the firsts I expected to encounter on the road that I wrote my first list of firsts after only two months. To read that post, which included tasting hard cider and seeing a nighttime light parade, click HERE.

If you are looking for travel adventure stories and more details about my slow travel (mostly using free stops–the red and purple pins on the map), they are all listed on the ADVENTURE PAGE.

One Final Thought on Maps and Miles

Display with a mug, passport, camera and a message board that reads, "Travel is good for the soul."