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Creating More Space in Your RV

The Rig, the Road and the RV Life By June 26, 2022 Tags: , , , 4 Comments

I feel like I’ve written a lot on this topic. But it turns out, I’ve never written a full and complete article on the subject. Rather, I’ve discussed space issues as a small part of other posts, particularly in various hacks and gadgets posts. It is actually a topic that is hard to exhaust because, […]


Step-by-Step Guide to Hitching Up a Trailer

The Rig, the Road and the RV Life By August 26, 2019 Tags: , , , , 1 Comment

Today, we come to the last of four posts about unhitching and arriving at a new camp site, as well as last week’s post about my process for getting ready to leave a campground, including the tasks I completed in the days leading up to my departure. Today, I finish that list of tasks. Let’s […]


RV Checklist for Leaving a Camp Site

The Rig, the Road and the RV Life By August 19, 2019 Tags: , , , , , 3 Comments

Over the last two weeks I shared the steps I systematically go through each time I arrive at a new campground, big picture and the details of unhitching. It only makes sense that today and next week, I share the steps of packing up and leaving a camp site. Now you might be thinking why […]


Step-by-Step Guide to Unhitching a Travel Trailer

The Rig, the Road and the RV Life By August 12, 2019 Tags: , , , 4 Comments

Last week, I wrote about setting up at a new campsite. My original plan included the step-by-step pictorial but it became so lengthy, I decided it was best to break it into two posts. So here is the second one, the guide to unhitching a travel trailer. While this is specific to travel trailers, perhaps […]


Oliver Travel Trailer Factory Tour

Choosing the Rig By April 17, 2017 Tags: , , , , 7 Comments

It’s hard to believe it’s been three months since the Tampa RV SuperShow. Images of it still dance around my head like it was yesterday. My travel buddy and I went down a couple days early. Since an Oliver Travel Trailer was on my list of the Final Four future home options, it seemed smart to go […]


An Egg and a Funnel: Making the First RV Decision

Choosing the Rig By August 29, 2016 Tags: , , , , , 3 Comments

Diving into the world of RVs from a starting point of knowing absolutely nothing is utterly overwhelming.  So many decisions and choices.  The decision-making process looks something like a funnel with every possible RV choice at the wide top.  Then the whittling down begins based on size, cost, features, etc. until a single choice remains. Finally and […]