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Full-Time RVer Mistakes: 8 Things I Did Wrong

The Rig, the Road and the RV Life By August 29, 2021 Tags: , , 19 Comments

Recently, a reader contacted me to talk about my Oliver Travel Trailer and RV life as a solo female traveler. The reader is in the planning stages and said that she viewed many of my early posts to get a sense of the ups and downs I went through as I researched and planned my […]


What I’ll Miss About a Sticks-and-Bricks Life

Downsizing By June 1, 2020 Tags: , , , 8 Comments

This post was originally written while I was still living the sticks-and-bricks life, six months before I embarked on the full-time RV life journey. I thought it might be fun to revisit the post to discover if there was any truth to what I imagined. Since I want to address each one, I haven’t made […]


RV Life: 4 Newbie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The Rig, the Road and the RV Life By July 15, 2019 Tags: , , , 9 Comments

In many ways nothing prepares you for full-time RV life. You simply have to jump in and figure it out. Perhaps, it’s less true for those with RVing experience, but even for them full-time RV life can be a shock to the system. Why? I think it’s because so little of “normal” life mimics living […]


RV Life and Grocery Shopping

The Rig, the Road and the RV Life By December 17, 2018 Tags: , , , , , 5 Comments

In the reader survey I did a couple months back, a strong area of agreement was readers wanted more about RV life and life on the road. I’d always planned on writing about everyday aspects of RV life and how they are the same and different from regular life. The survey let me know it […]


Reflections on RV Life and Supersize Dreams

The Rig, the Road and the RV Life By October 22, 2018 Tags: , , , , , 14 Comments

The process of getting a blog post from its draft form in Microsoft Word onto the WordPress administrative panel where I schedule it to go live on Monday one minute after midnight is a many-stepped process. But the first step, after writing it, is to send the document to my sister who serves as my […]