Today’s post is a short one. On a list of the top ten questions I’d been prepared to be asked once I started sharing my plan to Supersize my LIFE, this one never entered my mind.

I was ready to answer questions about security, money and about what my family thought of what I was doing. I was prepared to admit I didn’t know what type of rig I was going to purchase or which state I would declare my residency or what I’d do for health insurance. The questions I expected were questions of whether I would work. Was I scared as a woman alone and what about all my stuff?

I had given thought to the deep questions about why I felt the need to radically change my life, giving up my long-held dream of becoming a millionaire by saving a dollar at a time over a lifetime of hard work (as I shared in my second blog post).

But the question I get more than any other, by far, is this:

Where Will You Go First?

With great frequency, I play the movie reels in my head about the great places I will go, things I will see and adventures I will have. But I never gave one iota of thought to the first place I would go.

In an ideal world, I would have a slow transition from sticks-and-bricks to RV living. That scenario involves buying the rig and hauling it to my home. Then I could figure out how and what to bring through experimentation with space and weight. I would take little weekend trips to learn about my rig, its maintenance and its quirks. In short, I could ease into life as a fulltime RV traveler.

Then I would sell my house and on the day I signed the final paperwork, I’d load my pets into the rig and off we’d go. Down the road and into the sunset. That day would be the start of life as a full-time RVer. In that scenario, I could head to my first adventure destination. In that scenario, I would be able to answer my most frequently asked question.

But getting to a SupersizeLIFE is not via an ideal world. My future home choices are one of four fiberglass trailers: Escape, Oliver, Bigfoot or Casita. Three of the rigs are not purchased at an RV dealership. Instead, a buyer orders them straight from the manufacturer. This means picking up the rig from the factory. Escape is in Canada. Casita is in Texas. Oliver is in Tennessee.

Alaska is a long way from the Lower 48, It makes no sense whatsoever to take the time and money to go pick up a trailer, drive it to Alaska, just to pack it up and drive it back down the to Lower 48.

My transition to full-time RVer is still unfolding. So, stay tuned. In the next few weeks, I expect to make my final rig decision and that will inform me of where I’ll be picking up my rig.

From there, for all I know, for my first Supersize LIFE night, I might park in a Walmart parking lot a few blocks from the manufacturing facility. But that’s okay.

The good and the bad, the ideal and the not-so-ideal. This is the journey.