With the year of 2022 almost reaching the halfway point, a few 2021 year-end posts I wanted to write remain unwritten. Today, I check one of those off the list. I still hope to share my 2021 travel journey in a post. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get it done before we officially reach the halfway point of 2022. Blogwise, it has been a strange year and I’m glad you’ve hung with me through it.

Okay, so on to the analysis of what sparked readers’ interest during 2021. Last year’s post on the top 10 posts was fun to write and fascinating to learn the many of the most read posts were not written during that year. That was my biggest surprise.

As I stepped into the project of analyzing last year, the question on my mind was would the trend continue? And, indeed it did. Even more so than last year.

Top 10 Blog Posts

  1. Oliver Travel Trailer Review: 6 Things I Hate 2020
  2. Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Trailers 2020
  3. Home Page
  4. More Fast, Easy Low-Cost RV Hacks 2019
  5. Oliver Travel Trailer Review: 12 Things I Love 2020 (New from 2020)
  6. RV Life and 7 Ways to Dry a Bath Towel 2019
  7. 2017 Oliver Travel Trailer Legacy Elite II 2017
  8. Oliver Travel Trailer Review: 5 More Things I Hate 2020
  9. Preparing and Emptying the Composting Toilet 2019 (New from 2020)
  10. But Where Do You Put a Kitty Litter Box in an RV? 2019

Posts That Fell Off the List from the Top 10 in 2020

  1. Final Four Fiberglass Trailers, Part Two 2016
  2. Final Four Fiberglass Trailers, Part Three 2016
The doorway of an RV with a pair of shoes and a kitty litter box.
One of several places I tried for the cat’s litter box. It was out of the way in the entry area but made coming and going from the RV a challenge. The post on the subject has been popular since it was written.

Thoughts on Top 10 Blog Posts

I’m glad that things I love about the Oliver made the list. I wondered about this last year. The two posts about the things I hated made the list but the things I love didn’t. Somehow it seemed unbalanced.

One of the five posts I wrote on owning and operating a composting toilet was new to the list this year. Made me wonder if more RV buyers are looking at composting toilets as a alternative to the water-hungry marine toilet with its icky black tank.

Finally–and this was true last year as well–the top two posts not only are the top two but are the top two by a mile. They both have four times the number of views as any other article on the list. Clearly, people want info about Oliver Trailers as well as fiberglass trailers.

And, while I’m not surprised, it is notable that not a single article on the list was actually written in 2021. Last year was my least active year as a blogger. My writing focus was on getting my novel accepted for publication as well as the editing and prep that followed for the book’s release date.

Book cover with a woman, a cabin in winter. The title is Alaska Shelter and the author is Debbie LaFleiche.

While We Are Talking Reader Interests…

Last year, I wrote a separate article about the 2020 Amazon clicks and purchases that were most popular with Supersize Life readers. This year, I decided to combine the two articles. There aren’t really too many surprises. Items most looked at and purchased have to do with an RV itself such as stuff for the composting toilet, maintenance and hack items.

Here’s the lists.

Top 10 Clicks

The front of a travel trailer with the electric jack post covered by a black canvas jack cover.
The jack cover that is popular among readers. Sun and rain and time does start to break them down. I’m currently on my second cover.

Most Purchased

Notes on Most Purchased Items

If we combined all the brands of microfiber towels, just like last year, it was handily be the number one purchased item. Likewise, coconut core easily shifts into second place if I count the brand I use as well as the Plantonix brand which readers purchased. And, rounding out the top three would be the Prest-O-Fit carpet for RV steps (meaning it would drop from first to third) as each color is listed separately on the Amazon analysis of readers’ purchases.

Final Thoughts

As I look over the year as a whole and these top 10 lists, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of love and support this blog has received over the last six years. Thank you for reading the blog, commenting, sharing and thank you for using the links on this website to make your Amazon purchases. The funds generated go back into creating content and maintaining the website. It is so appreciated.

Sign that reads: Thank you.
To all Supersize Lifers.

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