After I decided to use the vintage car-and-trailers as the feature image in last week’s post from my stay at a Route 66 themed RV park, I got a little sad. There were many more fun cars, trailers, signs and other memorabilia from the RV park I’d snapped photos of but I didn’t have plans to write about my week in Albuquerque. I’d only stopped to hit some of the big box stores.

And, since I wasn’t going to write about my week, there wasn’t any reason I’d be sharing the photos. In a time when lightheartedness is needed, I decided why not create a post of just the photos.

However, I didn’t want to write this as a review about the RV park. If you are interested in that, you can head over to Campendium where I write my thoughts on the places I stay, including Enchanted Trails (the name of the RV park).

Cars and Trailers

Mid-sized silver trailer with two doors, one opened. Two light blue chairs sitting outside.
1956 Yellowstone Geneva.
Long silver aluminum trailer, corrugated on the lower half.
1959 Spartan Flossie. I looked these up and they are actually a mobile home which makes more sense with how long and wide it was.
Teal green vintage car park in front of a small vintage trailer, on gravel with a tree in the background.
1963 Winnabago Dot and 1947 Hudson Super Six.
Long vintage silver trailer with two blue chair in front.
1974 Silver Streak Delta.
Vintage blue car in front of a white and blue small trailer.
1954 Vakashunette & 1950 Hudson Commodore.

Vintage Interior

Old fashioned kitchen with wooden cabinets and a pale green stove and matching tea cups.
I loved the interior of this one. It was from the Spartan.
Even the phone matched. Now, if only, it was a rotary phone.

Around the Route 66 RV Park

Tall vertical sign in front of a rock. Sign has a man dress in a 1950s suit. It reads Whoa! Pull forward to stop sign and register inside.
The welcome sign, too, was retro.
Tan building with a flag on a flagpole. Painted on the outside it says Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post and a road sign that reads Historic Route 66.
Once parked on you go inside to register. Inside is a fairly large gift shop, pool table and game room, two offices and the laundry room which had vintage beauty parlor chairs in it.
Vintage toys including a blue truck with a green camper on top of it as well as a blue trailer being pulled by a blue truck.
Inside are more Route 66, vintage and driving-themed items. Most were along the window sills so I couldn’t get good photos because of the lighting. But these vintage toy trucks and trailers were under the stand where guests could help themselves to free coffee.
White gas pump with an old Conoco logo. The word premium above it.
An old fashioned gas pump.
Large gray shed covered in vintage, faded signs for colas, gas and road signs, including Route 66.
Walking around the RV Park, I found these old signs attached to a maintenance building at the back of the park. I meant to go back to get a better shot, one not covered by shade from a tree. But I forgot.

The Pod

Vintage cars and trailers grouped in a square with a middle a community area with grass and places to sit.
All five of the trailers made up a little neighborhood pod. You can see in the center area includes grass, white picket fence, grill and a picnic table. A cozy little community area. The trailers are rented out on Air B&B.

Route 66 ran from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California, and passed through six other states. Have you ever travel Route 66, more recently or back in its heyday?

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