The items below are just a few that I have found useful as a blogger, RV owner, traveler, dog mom, cat mom and as a human being. Please note, this list includes companies with whom I have an affiliate relationship. However, I  would never recommend a product or service I haven’t tried, used and liked to readers.

For the Pet Parent

Solstice has been on Science Diet since I  got her. I tried other brands but she didn’t do well on them. Even though she’s a big dog she likes the “small bites.” And now that she is older, she eats the one made for senior citizens.

Kitty has a tendency to be a little pudgy. She likes to eat and doesn’t like to exercise. So she is on a low calorie food from Natural Balance. It’s more cost effective to by the large 15-pound bag but I worry about it tasting stale to her by the time she gets to the bottom of the bag. So I buy the smaller 6-pound bag.

I didn’t worry about critters getting into my pets’ food when I lived  in Alaska. But I do on the road. This Vittles Vault container is BPA-free, easy to use and keeps mice and other varmints out. They come in a variety of sizes depending on what size bags of food you buy.


For the RVer

These versatile Lego-like Camco leveling blocks can be used for leveling the RV or under stabilizer jacks so the jack doesn’t have be brought down as far. I love mine and use them under the jacks every time I get to  a new location. Please note that I do not use these for leveling since I have two tires on each side and these are single tire levelers. The interlock  is 2 squares by 2 squares. They also  make a 4 squares by 2 squares for two tires on one side leveling. For leveling, I use the curved levels.


When you have full hookups, it’s important to make sure your black and gray tanks are draining properly. A slow gradual decline of the hose between the rig and the  hole in the ground will ensure it is and this Camco Sewer Hose Support (which I’ve often heard called the Slinky) does the trick.

I wrote a post about how to carpet RV steps, and why it was important. There are a lot of different types to choose from, but the Prest-O-Fit Ruggids was my carpet of choice.

This Comfort Zone Ceramic Heater keeps the trailer toasty on a cold day. It also helps dry condensation on the walls and to dry out the mattress when that is called for to help prevent mold. I wrote about  my mold problem HERE.  It has three setting including just a fan which is great to circulate air or cool things off just a bit, when you don’t quite need the air conditioner.


For the Blogger

I’ve used Blue Host for my web hosting since Day One. It’s one of the most popular and most used hosting companies. I have not had to  use the support that comes with Blue Host (knock on wood!) but I’ve heard mostly positive things about their support. It was the reason I  ended up  deciding on Blue Host. So if you are thinking about starting a website or a blog, I’d love to have click on the link below.

I spent weeks and weeks picking out my blog theme. I bet I looked at more than a thousand options searching for the perfect one. I purchased my theme through Theme Forrest.  And, in case you are wondering, all that work paid off when I found my perfect theme: Tulip.

Please check back. More essential items and resources still to come.