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Final Four Fiberglass Trailers: Bigfoot Trailer

Choosing the Rig By November 21, 2016 Tags: , , , 5 Comments

What I thought would be two posts to share my thoughts about purchasing an RV has turned into five. So far. To recap: I started with the decision to go with a fiberglass trailer, then narrowed it down to five manufactures. Then in this three part series, I’ve shared my final four trailer choices starting with the Casita in […]


Final Four Fiberglass Trailers, Part Two

Choosing the Rig By October 31, 2016 Tags: , , , , 3 Comments

Two weeks ago I shared my thoughts about the Casita Travel Trailer, one of my last four fiberglass trailers that I’m considered beginning my Supersize LIFE in.  Today, I share two more. The Escape Trailer comes in three sizes: 17 foot, 19 foot and 21 foot. Escape also makes a 21 foot fifth wheel, the Escape 5.0 TA […]


Final Four Fiberglass Trailers: Casita Trailer

Choosing the Rig By October 17, 2016 Tags: , , , 8 Comments

The process of elimination I used to narrow down which rig I’ll hit the road with has been covered over a few posts. First, in the post An Egg and a Funnel, I figured out a fiberglass trailer was the best option for me. Second, in Deciding on the Right Fiberglass Trailer, I narrowed the fiberglass trailers down to […]