It seems like no RV would be complete without an Instant Pot. Mine is no exception. Now I just have to get busy making delicious easy meals with it.


In a post about showering in an RV, I spoke of the PackTowl. I traded in a towel the size of a piece of toast for a towel that was the size of a toaster oven. Space is everything in a tiny space and this handy towel is the opposite of a space hog.. There are four types of towels: Original, Luxe, Personal and UltraLite. The person who recommended this brand uses the Personal so that’s what I bought. At some point, it might be nice to compare it to the others. That same person also recommended going with the Beach size rather than Body because it can do double-duty. You can take it to the beach and have plenty of room for sitting on it but you can also use it as a showering towel. I also purchased two face clothes as well. I still want to add some hand towels to the collection. They come in a wide array of colors (but not in purple, sadly, so I went with black).


I have focused on improving my diet since I got on the road. One long, overdue change was to stop eating refined sugar. But when you have a sweet tooth, giving up sugar is a challenge. To say the least. LaraBars to the rescue. I have one almost every night after dinner. With simple ingredients and no chemicals, they are perfect.  On the front of each package, it says how many ingredients are in the bar. Sometimes it’s as little was 3. She uses dates as the sweetener. My favorites are Lemon Pie (6 ingredients), Chocolate Chip Brownie (6 ingredients), Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (4 ingredients)  and Coconut Cream Pie (5 ingredients). Yum! And, yes I know chocolate chips have sugar, but since they are in a healthy bar I decided it doesn’t count.


I love watching television after dinner. It’s a great way to wind down the day and relax. I don’t watch local or cable though. In fact, I did not have an antenna added on when I customized my trailer. If I love a show or movie, I can watch it again and again. So, I purchase DVDs. And I have a lot of them. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but Downton Abby was a pretty good show.


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