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Challenges of Buying a Rig

Logistics By January 30, 2017 Tags: , , , , 5 Comments

In the first six months of this blog, I’ve shared my process of deciding on which RV to purchase.  I have been researching and thinking and making pros/cons lists since 2014. I have scoured websites, owners’ forums, blogs and vlogs.  If I added up the hours, it would not be a small number. Guessing, I […]


Hitting the Road: 10 Reasons to Be Excited

Listicles By October 3, 2016 Tags: , , , , 4 Comments

In the previous Listicle I forced myself to own up to the things I’m terrified about when it comes to changing my entire life.  Today I balance that post with a post about reasons I’m excited to be hitting the road and changing my whole life. In no particular order, here are 10.  Just like with […]