Turns out I grossly misjudged the physical and mental toll selling one’s house, quitting one’s job and travelling 5,000 miles in the span of four weeks has on a person. At least on this person.

As a planner, I keep a content calendar for this blog and have my topics planned for three to six months in advance. So lacking something to say isn’t my problem. Finding the time to write a post is my problem.

So for the third week in a row, I find myself having to let go of what I wanted to write about in favor of what I have time to write about. Once I get the rig and settle into RV life, I will resume this regularly-scheduled blog! I have so much backstory to catch you up on.

Oliver Travel Trailer owners are incredibly kind. Three have reached out to me after seeing my trailer in Tennessee. It remains there, patiently waiting for me. The photo above was sent to me by Mike and Gerri Jones, Big thanks.

As this goes live on Monday morning, I’ll be at the Oliver factory taking delivery of my new home. My original post was going to be titled Reflections on 3.5 Years of Planning. But, at the end of the day, the trailer is the end result of those three and a half years.

It’s going to be a good good day!