The house went on the market this past week. And while I was planning on writing on a different topic, finding the time proved difficult. Every day I have to allow an additional 30 to 60 minutes to prepare the house before I leave for work. It has to be prefect and show-ready each time I leave the house and each time I leave I have to have the dog  with me.

There are so many details, I made myself a check list. The hardest to remember is turning on every single light. The habit of shutting off a light is so ingrained, my hand swipes down at every light switch I pass. All this effort, of course, will worth it if it sells quickly. Closing takes about 45 days so this means to meet my time frame for leaving I have to sell it within the next two weeks.

My realtor had a professional photographer take pictures of the house so I’m sharing a few as today’s post.

Open Floor Plan

Master Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

Exercise Room

And the Best One

Solstice with the sign on the first day it was in my yard.