It’s been a long road to this moment. Deciding which trailer to purchase for my future home has not been easy. Or fast. I have so much to say and share about this decision, but it’s still so new my brain and my heart are still getting used to the idea. This post will be my shortest one yet. I am only imparting one little bit of information. And the winner is…


Oliver Travel Trailer Legacy II


If you are wondering how I got to this place, following these links for the history of my rig decision.

  1. When there is every rig as a possible future home, how do you start narrowing it down?  Here is how I did it: An Egg and a Funnel: Making the First RV Decision.
  2. I wrote of narrowing it down further in The Matrix: Deciding on the Right Fiberglass Trailer.
  3. I reviewed my final four rig choices in three parts: Part One, Part Two and Part Three. The Oliver was included in Part Two.
  4. Finally, during a trip to the Tampa RV SuperShow, I made a side trip to tour the Oliver Factory.

Then a few days ago, I wrote a check for the deposit. My custom-built new home starts down the production line on May 29, 2017!