Three and a half years of planning and somehow I still managed to wait until 10 days before my launch date to actually get a tow vehicle purchased.  The photo on this post is from the internet. The dealership still has my van to add on a proper tow hitch. I will circle back around to the full story of my tow vehicle, complete with details, photos and its name.

But right now I simply have to report that it is done! I am the proud owner of a white Chevy Express Cargo Van 3500 Extended Wheelbase. You might remember the first time I wrote about my rationale for wanting a van as a tow vehicle and that Chevy Express was a top choice. Three test drives later and I was further convinced it was the right choice for me and my needs.

And in Other News

There is a slight delay in my house closing. In the last two weeks this house selling has turned into a nightmare. There are stories to tell but no time to tell them. I will circle back around on this too, once the difficulties are in the a thing of the past.

I remain hopeful that troubles are behind me and that the new closing date of October 2 sticks. Assuming it does, I will be leaving my house for the last time in the early morning hours of October 3. My sister plans to drive the first five days or so with me through Alaska and down the Alcan. That will be fun.

Stayed tuned. And keep good thoughts for me.