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Finance posts are all about the economics of RV Living.  Posts will include the obvious like funding a Supersize LIFE, startup costs, purchasing an RV and making money from the road.  But I am casting a wide net here, so you’ll also find the not-so-obvious like choosing a credit card, unusual ways to save money, work camping, reducing costs on the road and thinking outside the box when it comes to possible income streams.  Posts in this category will go up the Fourth Monday of every month.

These Finance posts relate to my journey of creating a Supersize LIFE.  Selling everything, buying an RV and hitting the road fulltime is how I am creating my Supersize LIFE.  It may not be yours.  I hope the information in this category will be broad enough to be useful to you, no matter what your journey looks like.  Most of all, I hope it will inspire and encourage you to Supersize your LIFE.