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Debbie LaFleiche

Big Dog, Small Tub: Bathing Solstice in an RV Shower

Listicles By February 5, 2018 Tags: , , , 2 Comments

There are a million things to worry about when going from a sticks-and-bricks life to an RV life. This is especially true when you have no previous experience with RVs. From the very beginning—all the way back to my research phase—one of those million things I was obsessed with was the logistics of bathing my […]


Down the Alaska Highway: Details and Drama of Days 3-7

Logistics By January 29, 2018 Tags: , , , , 5 Comments

It’s been almost four months since my sister and I took our trip from Alaska to Wyoming, down the Alaska Highway. It seems like forever ago because life is so different now. This post is the final installment in that adventure. And, thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as Day 1 or Day 2 or the […]